Monday, December 3, 2012

Zone Conference

So I was preparing to leave a house this last week when the dad walked in and asked who in the world was wearing the summer shoes. My companion immediately threw me under the bus.  I conceited that it was a bit cold outside.  "A bit cold! It’s negative 30 Celsius outside!"
What? Really?! Not sure when it got so cold, but I may have to switch to the winter coat at some-point this week.  Although I’ve been studying the art of layering this past few weeks and the findings are in the positive. If you go undershirt, white shirt, sweater, suit jacket, Omnitech rain-jacket you can take -30 Celsius no sweat (emphasis on the no sweat) haha
Happy Holiday season to everyone back home. Its amazing how fast the holiday season moves along. 

With Elder O and Chingis Khan
This was a wonderful week highlighted by Zone conference which is always accompanied by an interview with the President.  My interview was actually the day before and a testament to how much the President knows about what is going on to every Elder in the mission at all times.  We talked for about twenty minutes (interesting sidebar: President Clark goes home on the 1st of July, two weeks before my release date, kind of sad). If you've been on a mission you know that there is no person more kind, understanding, uplifting, or supportive than your mission president during your mission.  It proved to again be the case.

This last few weeks with my mini missionary has been such a blessing for my language. Since he has no real background in gospel teaching, I teach the bulk of the lessons and answer all the questions.  A fun little confidence boost that maybe I am learning Mongolian.

Zone conference was awesome including a 10 meeting teaching demo that I wasn’t aware I was a part of until it happened.  A bit nerve racking, but Elder Quinton and I were able to make it through fine with a little help from Moroni 7:20with an “investigator” who was too busy.  The theme of the entire meeting was seeing ourselves the way the Lord sees us.  During all the breakout practice sessions Sister Clark went around with a camera and filmed us and then would show them afterwards.  Fantastic idea!

I loved a comment the President shared: There are a number of kinds and other people mentioned in scripture that are given but one verse to sum up their entire live or reign.  (Editor’s note: Ironically Travis makes the comment about his improving Mongolian because this letter had at least three sentences that were so twisted in English that there must have been some Mongolian sentence structure affecting his writing.  The preceding sentence is an example.  We think that we straightened out the others while correcting his other typos.) President Clark gave a few examples.  He then challenged us, if there were just one verse written about your entire life...what would it say?

Conference went amazing with four companionships viewing via Google plus and a handful of awesome stories form President and Sister Clark.

Jonon English Class
Next week we are looking forward to the baptism of Badral who has now been coming to church and meeting with us for over two months.  His wife and daughter have been members for awhile and he has finally caught the fire and is excited for his own baptism.  We taught in his house a few weeks ago and their goal to get to the temple in a year was evidenced by the 20+ pictures of temples filling their wall.  The coolest part was that right in the center of all of them was the St. Louis temple. Pretty awesome!

Our new member Bayarbold blessed the sacrament this week (very nervous baisan). It was a very “icing on the cake” amazing moment.  Also, I’m happy to report that all three of our new members have now received callings!  The ward has made a huge movement for home teaching (usually a goose egg in Mongolia) and they even included Badral who’s not quite a member! What a great ward!

This morning as my companion decided to take a nap for study I was allotted a little extra time for personal study.  I planned on reading one of the stories that my family had sent me from the Christmas stories we read every year .  .  .  I ended up reading all of them. haha
Above all it made me extremely grateful for my family and this wonderful celebration of our Savior’s birth. A standout quote from one of my favorite stories is as follows:
"To love people, to be indispensable somewhere, that is the purpose of life. That is the secret of happiness."
Christmas is indeed a time for giving and as we reach out and love and give to those around us we find ourselves surrounded by those who love us in return.
Do something good for someone else.
Make yourself indispensable!

Have a wonderful week,

Elder Neuberger

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