Monday, December 17, 2012

This is gonna be quick

This week ended up a lot like last week as we finished the transfer as a three-some: me, Elder Williams and Elder Gantogtokh.  
This morning we ended taking the sisters to the bus station for the AP's so our P-day got cut a little short.
My new companion is great, 26, and from baynzurkh branch, and a super humble guy.  He's been a member for about three years and the only member from his family. 
It's gonna be a great transfer!
Highlight of the week was me leading the music for the incoming/outgoing missionary fireside. (broadcast to all the outlying branches).  I think that fulfills some sort of ironman Duty to God requirement.
I'm really out of time, but I promise a sweet letter this week.
Read the "Christmas Towel" from the December Liahona!
Have a great week,
Elder Neuberger

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