Monday, December 31, 2012

On to next year

It’s hard to know where to start after the mid week Skype session with the family on Christmas.

Well the weather outside surely felt like Christmas and there was enough going on church wise to get into the Christmas spirit.

After I spoke with the family of Wednesday morning we had a zone party at the central building which was very well done and put together by the zone leaders.  The senior couples made lasagna,  (first time I have had that in a year and a few months) and the whole thing ran very smoothly.  There was a fun white elephant present exchange and a game.  Then Elder Lloyd played some insane piano numbers and we bore testimonies of Christmas. 
Unfortunately, Wednesday morning a sister from our district (erdenesuvd) had her appendix removed, but she seems to be doing OK and should be back sometime next week.
My companion and I this week and the next are working like crazy to get investigators back in the pool. (it’s tough cause the pool keeps freezing haha)  We found a few new people this week and we are really pressing hard to set baptismal dates for before we are separated at the end of February. 

Today we went to the Zakh which was great.  There’s really nothing like this big open market in America.  And there’s just something electric about it every time you go.  Plus everything is super cheep.  You could go in and spend all your money before you knew what happened.  I bought a new suit which I have needed for a while, but have been neglecting because no one sees the jacket anyway when I’m layered up.  Trying on suits is definitely a summer time thing I’ve decided though. I sincerely thought the lady was half-kidding when she asked if I wanted to try it on.  I talked the lady down to less than 50 dollars, and it looks great!

Best part of the week was easily the baptism on Friday night. Unfortunately there was no hot water when we got there at 4:30 so we started immediately boiling water on the stove and adding it to the font.  What’s the specific heat of water again? I don’t think the efforts did a lot but enough that our new members with -.5% body fat each were able to make it through.  We knew before hand that the mission president was planning on being there so of course it’s a little nerve-racking.  But the wonderful members pulled through again in the clutch with outstanding numbers and support.  Ankhbayar and Jargalmaa were baptized by their cousin and their uncle was there also (a member of the stake high council and drives a hummer wow). The people giving talks showed up and in the tenderest of mercies from the Lord everything went off really well including refreshments afterwards. 

This week in district meeting President Clark gave a brief thought at the beginning from Luke 27:22.Where Pilate is before the masses and asks the question"what shall I do with Jesus?" The President pointed out first that one day that exact judgment would be replicated, but with the roles reversed. He then continued that we too must ask ourselves the same question of ourselves every day. As the year ends and a new begins we too must look at our priorities and see where the Savior fits in our lives.
What will we chose to do with the love, gospel and sacrifice that he has gifted us?
Don’t be like Pilate. Don't wash your hands!

Elder Neuberger

Editor's Note: Travis looked fantastic on the Skype call.  He's doing great and just laughs off the hardships while marveling in the miracles. The time on the all went too fast, but it was wonderful to feel his presence.

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