Monday, November 26, 2012

Organized Chaos

Dear Everyone,

Another fantastically busy week with more exciting possibilities at every turn.  The week started Tuesday with the Sisters needing another baptismal interview over Skype before district meeting.  Unfortunately, one of the candidates had been drinking tea the day before completely on accident. It was a tough spot to be in, but I asked for a moment to say a prayer and then call the Sisters back.  I was nervous, desperately wanting to make the correct decision according to the Lord’s will.  I prayed for five minutes, but was unsure. Then I changed my prayer.  I brought my own idea, what I thought was correct and asked the Lord for His assurance.  There was no overwhelming feeling, but I felt calm as I called the Sisters and asked them to push the baptism back a week.

After that it was off to district meeting where the President was going to be.  Because he was coming we ended up holding it in his office.  Let me paint the picture of chaos.  There’s the ten of us in the office...the AP's, the zone leaders, the Unur Elders and the President and his wife.  Elder Titensor, one of the AP's, is translating for the President. Then over Skype we have the Elders in Murun along with the senior couple who is serving up there. They are getting translation from a member as well. Then the Sisters join in over the phone. Needless to say it was a bit nerve-racking, but it all worked out alright. From there we rushed to English teaching with my sponsor till seven or so and after our dinner appointment got canceled I ended up taking my companion out to dinner because after all it was his birthday.
Wednesday morning we were at the Bayanzurkh building  to fix up English  schedules. Because Elder Stranski is only teaching two hours a week right now, he’s going to take my Wednesdays at Jonon which is awesome and will free up a lot of time for real missionary work for me.  We then spent most of the day getting doctor forms filled out on my companion’s missionary application, plus dentist and other hospital what not. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving, right?  Just kidding.  We had a dinner appointment with a family who's children all served missions, so I figured they might have known it was Thanksgiving, but it was just a happy coincidence. Being unable to leave awesome family traditions at home, I wrote out the Mongolian alphabet on seven pieces of paper and brought them along.  The “ABC Thankful” game was a hit. (My family will understand what I’m talking about.)

Friday was a testament to how amazing the members of Songino are. For the baptism that started at 6:30 people were showing up by six o’clock.  After the service went off without a hitch one of the sweet sisters had prepared refreshments for afterward.  The support and love from the members here is amazing.  Erdenebat was fantastic and even brought some family members with him to the baptism.  A few late comers asked who had preformed the baptism because Erdenebat is a rather large guy.  And when I told them it was me, nobody would believe me.  Hey, they don’t make morning workout part of the missionary routine for nothing.  We were all going to get a little dinner afterwards but the place had no buuz or khuushuur so we called it a night.

Our new members are still amazing as always. The one in high school is going to seminary and everyone is participating in ward choir.  By the way, the per capita participation in choir is ridiculous here.  I’m pretty sure it was the whole ward.  There’s going to be nobody in the audience for the performance lol. 

Saturday was filled with baptismal interviews.  Four over Skype for the Sisters and one fabulous 45 minute conversation about the Gospel with one of Elder Stranski’s investigators. I know to those back home it’s just common that Elders go out and learn a language.  But considering a year ago right now I could barley say my name in Mongolian, it never ceases to amaze me that I’ve been blessed with enough language (my language is not fantastic by any means) to do what has been required of me.  And so it is.  If we open our mouth the Lord will fill it.  

Love you all!
Enjoy the holiday season,

Elder Neuberger

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