Monday, April 15, 2013

Generally Amazing!

Although it's nothing compared to the 12 inches St. Louis got on Palm Sunday, the 5 inches or so that we have accumulated today has felt like feet in contrast to the amount of snow I've seen to this point in my mission, plus its April 14th and I don't think they were shoveling the fairways at Augusta this weekend.

It's been another crazy week of fan dance practice and singing with sporadic English teaching and missionary work thrown in.  Then we had Asia Area General Conference weekend which proved to be another absolute masterpiece.  The shinning moment of the week was Wednesday when we had a whole day with unobstructed missionary work.  Because we knew it was probably the one day of the week we were going to get, we planned the absolute best we could.  We were on the board for a perfect game early on in the day.  With all of our study done we got out the door early. Our first visit was a long way out in the back of our area and was successful with a member lesson.  1/1.  Early on we lost the perfect game to an investigator who was out and about, but were able to salvage the no-hitter as we met with his ala wife and daughter. Then our big three, our best three investigators at the church for discussions and all with members present. Our investigator who is getting baptized in this coming week had recently been telling us about how if she became a member she probably wouldn't be able to serve a mission . We had assured her that that was alright and that it was a decision she could make for herself.  Then she came into the lesson and told us "there's something that I need to tell you."  heart sinks a bit .  .  .  "When I become a member I have had the very strong impression that I need to be a missionary."  I was so relieved that the news wasn't bad that I almost forgot to be excited at first. To finish the night we got to one more ala's house to finish off a 6/6 day of lessons.  Celebratory ice-cream was well deserved .  .  . we ate 2 liters. Elder Muldowney may rival my sister Ali if not for love of ice cream, at least in total consumption.  lol

The rest of the week went great especially the ten hours of General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. Talk after talk of just wonderful spiritual insight and uplifting messages. I enjoyed Elder Craig A. Cardon's talk on forgiveness. There are always such gems amongst the Seventies' talks.  President Eyring's talk on drawing close to the Savior echoed his last conference talk of breaking down the pavilions.  I really enjoyed Elder Scott's as well on families and the point he made on parents becoming friends for their kids' freinds .  .  . check for Mom and Dad there. A lot of other great stuff as well, including as always Elder Holland!
He just makes it unfair for everyone else. How do you follow that?  Rhetorically and emotionally he goes pretty unmatched. I love General Conference.
Sorry. Times up.
Have a great week!
Elder Neuberger

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