Monday, April 8, 2013

Blind Ladies and John Mayer

Dear Everybody,
Great week capitalized by not having to worry for days about fixing my own schedule for school.  High fives for Dad!

Secondly, during our weekly visit to Sanzai we met with our favorite blind lady who actually has a piano in her house.  She asked us to play some hymns for her so she could just listen.  In the moment all I could hear was Mom's voice telling me I should have learned to play the piano.  But luckily I did have one song up my sleeve.  I sang and played John Mayer's "When Your Dreaming with a Broken Heart" to her while Elder Muldowney took a video.  She may or may not have thought it was a hymn.  I can't send the file because it's too big, but you can all have a good laugh when I get back.

The rest of the week was spent running from missionary work to English teaching to song and dance preparation for the 20th anniversary celebration.  We spent about six hours this week practicing an awesome rendition of "How Great Thou Art" and the fan dance that we did at the talent show on which I've picked up a second solo...  must have been all that elementary school talent show skill.  English has been nice, although Elder Muldowney's sponsor has been trying to get me to teach some classes.  My sponsor is still wonderful and says hello.  He's sad that I'll be leaving so soon and that we won't be able to go out to the countryside together.  He's given us rides several times this past month and his wife makes us lunch everyday we teach. 
We met with our golden investigator four times this week to get her prepared for her baptismal interview.  We had several meetings with members present which was fantastic fellowshipping and just makes every lesson 10 times as successful.  She was excited about tithing and fasted three times  after we taught her about it on Sunday.  She passed the interview with flying colors on Saturday evening, but we have decided to push her baptism back a week because of General Conference.  It's going to be pretty special because it will be during the week of the 20th anniversary of missionary work in Mongolia.  There should be baptisms from every branch in our building and great turn outs from members because it is one of the events on the schedule.  Sunday night we were stuck with a hole in our schedule when we got a call from or investigator, Narmandakh.  She was headed to the CES fireside at the Byansurkh, but didn't really know anyone, so she was hoping we'd be there.  We dropped everything and ran over there introducing her to everyone we could before the event started.  What a great talk from Elder Bednar by the way.
We also picked up several new investigators this week, which were needed.  We have a lot of old investigators at the moment.  Old as in years as investigators.  So it's been nice to meet with people dedicated to making changes in their lives and coming unto Christ.  One of the new investigators was a young lady who the branch president's wife works with.  Seeing the difference that church has made in her fellow employers life, she like many others inquired to know more.  She has actually attended church twice, but due to her busy schedule we hadn't been able to meet with her.  This week she and we both finally had a free blick of time that coincided, and we took the opportunity to meet with her.  It was one of the best first lessons ever and she asked so many awesome questions.  At the end we were able to bear testimony and give her a Book of Mormon and asked her to pray about it.  We left feeling great, but it wasn't until Sunday when we meet with the branch president's wife that we got the best part.  She told us that Naranchimeg has been reading the Book of Mormon nonstop, and the pamphlet at work.  She actually stayed the night with the branch president and his wife one night and they all read scriptures together.  The best was that in referencing the lesson with us she said, "Those two young men said they know that it's all true.  Do you know that?" After the branch president's wife confirmed that she did,  Naranchimeg responded, "That's what I want." What a wonderful blessing it is to not only know for ourselves, but to testify of this wonderful truth to others. 
I love you all!
Have a wonderful week!

Elder Neuberger

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