Monday, April 22, 2013

20th Anniversary

So we are going out to see the giant Chinggis Khan statue and riding camels and holding eagles today so we're writing early.
For the what seems like the hundredth time on my mission, I'd have to count this week as the fastest yet.  With dance and singing practice for the anniversary celebration, other anniversary events on everyday of the week, English teaching and of course some missionary work, we were out and about from about 9:30 to 9:30 everyday.  
The beginning of the week, just after I wrote my last email, was what I guess you could call the opening ceremonies of the 20th anniversary.  After a basketball showdown with the students from the college where I teach (how many missionaries can say that?) we walked over to Zaisan Hill (the big hill with the statue that overlooks the entire city) for the reading of Elder Neal A Maxwell's dedicatory prayer.  Because of the April snowstorm the attendance at the top of the 1000 stair path wasn't the best, but it was great being there with fellow saints and singing the "The Spirit of God."
Tuesday was our day of straight English teaching.  
Wednesday night and Thursday night were the firesides each two hours long.  The first was all the mission presidents from the beginning until 2000 and then 2000 till now was the second night. Almost all of the presidents for the first night were there, but the 2000's were a bit lacking.  The Harlen Clarks weren't there, but everyone who wasn't able to make it sent in videos and we watched those.
Friday was an amazingly good baptism. 
Saturday was our two hour event of dancing and singing at the circus (downtown theater).
This was a terrible email but we really have no time.
Have a great week!
Elder Neuberger

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