Monday, August 20, 2012

The Dog Days of . . . Fall?

So apparently its been fall for the last month and a half...not sure how we count it here.
Either way it definitely feels like fall today as the temperatures dropped into the thirties yesterday at night. I’m imagining a nice St. Louis August day, but can’t say I’d trade at the moment.  But talk to me again in two months.

In other news Elder Osorjamaa  and I are off to a fantastic start together in Songino. We are putting up some legendary numbers in the key indicator column of the weekly report.  It was new records for the Songino area  almost across the board.  One reason is because of the relief of half a English schedule (we only have to take time for my English teaching since Elder Osorjamaa doesn’t have to teach) and the other being tremendous blessings all week.

At Nadaam Picnic last month
First to the fantastic returned missionaries in the ward, who's only difference between now and a few months ago is the absences of a badge.  If there is a referral that every missionary would prefer it’s a friend of  a returned missionary. We continued to meet with Amaraa the friend of RM Zulbayar who returned from the Washington DC south mission a month ago.  For the lessons we taught, there were actually three returned missionaries which at first was as intimidating as it was comforting.  The testimonies born by the three friends were 10 times as powerful as anything that Elder Osorjamaa and I could have ever said.  We saw firsthand the blessings of making missionary work a team effort.

My companion is big into learning English, so it’s been a  blast learning the languages together and learning great new stuff every day.  Because he’s asking as many questions about my language as I am about his, it just pushes me to learn more and faster.  Did I tell you how great he is?  The "let’s go and do it" attitude to match anyone, but the humility and “laid backness” to understand and not get disappointed.  Also a bit sarcastic .  .  .  I love a little witty banter.
Please leave your ideas for a caption in the comment section.

On Saturday we had the most successful day of missionary work ever heard of.  Everyone we wanted to talk to/meet with/see seemed to be home and ready to go and then some. On some days you get burned so many times you end up with a little bit of time at the end of the day that’s unplanned.  On Saturday we completed so many appointments as planned that we had extra time at the end of the day  (I’m not even sure how the math works on that one).
The best visit of the day was without a doubt our meeting with Baatar Ax, a recent convert of 7 or so months that just got back from the countryside.  The man is always in a suit and reminds me a bit of Grandpa English.  He also wears this sweet sailor hat all the time.  Coolest of all he has a Prayer Ger.  Which is this really tiny ger next to his real ger where he reads scriptures and prays.  The man goes like clockwork and before we sat down he already had decided who was saying the opening and closing prayer.  He shared with us the most amazing story of faith.  On his way home from Khovd he was riding a bus that tried, but failed to cross a stream or pond.  On the way across it got stuck and the passengers were fine but everything under the bus would be assuredly ruined.  Because of the great amount of things he had under the bus of not just material but sentimental value, he was worried for his things.  In his moment of panic he though first to turn to the Lord.  He prayed hard he said for the time that it took a tow truck to come and pull them out.  When all was said and done, although the outside of all of his things were soaked and the cardboard boxes ruined, he didn’t lose a thing on the inside the of the packages.  May we all have faith as this man as we go about our week.  Find the small miracles that are in every moment.

You're the Best!

Elder Neuberger
With Elder Robbins last transfer

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