Monday, August 13, 2012

If I Had a Nickel for Every Ocorjamaa I Knew

What a busy week...
First of all the greatest part of becoming a trainer is the bonus interview with the mission president.  Is there a kinder, more caring, more involved and interested person?  We talked for about 20 minutes, but I’m pretty sure that’s enough to make anyone happy for at least 2 transfers!  I’ve got to admit that when I learned I was training a Mongolian I was just a bit nervous.  The language obviously isn’t a problem for him,  so I wasn’t even sure what I was going to teach him.

The week unfolded like this:  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were as normal with Elder Robbins and I rocking a great couple last days together.  Then on Thursday morning I met with the President.  Because everyone had to interview, we weren’t done until four o’clock which left us three hours till the big training meeting with the President and since it’s a two hour transit to get home and back .  .  .  Not doing that.  So we went with Elder Boyd and Elder Quinton to do some service in Khailaast for a less active member.  We pulled weeds for an hour, got our hands sufficiently green, and laughed with the sisters and the member.  Then it was back to the Bayanzurk (that’s the main church building) for training.  In short, that was an hour and a half of pure inspiration as the President outlined our duties as trainers.  What struck me the most was his admonition to "not train alone" 
A major part of being a missionary is realizing that I’ve got nothing on my own.  No language skills, no teaching skills and most of all no purpose in Mongolia.  With the challenges come the realization that in order to succeed in any degree we are going to need a whole lot of help.  Sometimes its intimidating and frustrating to face obstacles where so much seems unknown or the chips even seem stacked against you. It’s amazing to look back at almost every problem in life no matter how big or small it seemed and realized that the Lord has provided a way.

So who is this new Elder that I’m training?
Elder Ocorjamaa is the greatest 5 foot missionary out of Enktaivan ever.  He’s full of energy and spiritual knowledge, but humble and ready to learn. He finished high school last year and spent the last year working to make enough money to serve a mission.  He turned 19 in May making him the youngest missionary in the mission.  He is one of two church members in his family having been baptized just 4 years ago with his sister.  It’s been just so fun to be with a Mongolian again I can’t even tell you.  Nothing on Elder Robbins, but being able to ask anything about the language again is great.  This weekend has been especially great because Elder Anar (who also started his mission this week) was with us.  He’s a member from Khailaasst you may remember if you’re an avid blog follower.  We have had a great weekend working through the training and just being together.

Time for basketball .  .  .
Have a great week!
Elder Neuberger

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  1. Loved this letter Travis! So what I needed today! Thanks for the spiritual message about the Lord always providing a way! You're an exceptional missionary- keep up the great work!
    Your Fave California Cousin ELyse =)