Monday, August 27, 2012

But It's Your Floor

Well it seemed like a busy week for everyone back home as everyone finished up the summer and got back to school. We're hoping that the same things starts going on here and we see just a few more people at church on Sundays. 

Thanks for the great pictures from your trip to BYU with Kristi Lee and I can’t believe that anything is that green  .  .  .  it was blinding. 

Elder Ocorjamaa upon learning that Travis was his trainer.
This week was a little slower than last week as we struggled to keep our investigators in the growing and progressing category.  Despite the struggle we were blessed with 6 new investigators who the Lord has placed in our path in one way or another.  Four of them are relatives of church members (always a bonus) and we'll be headed over to meet with one for family home evening tonight.

So I moved and rebuilt my first ger this week. It’s like putting up a really intricate tent.  Everything gets broken down and fit into a small flat bed (the height of the stacked items exceeding all safety standards).  The best part of the experience was setting up the floor which is a series of wooden pieces not unlike a giant circular puzzle.  Unfortunately, we forgot to draw/take a picture of the floor before taking it down creating a bit of a problem when setting it back up.  It was like an awesome team building game from scout camp as we all stood around and tried to figure out how to make a circle from the pieces we had.  Due to my lack of ger making experience my ideas were not highly regarded nor were my companion’s, so we just helped move the boards around.  The rest of the experience was a blast and I’m not sure what the levels of experience are, but I feel like I moved up a few points in the ger building category.
Elders Ocojamaa and Neuberger with Pres. and Sis. Clark

This week I also got in my second bus accident, the car we crashed with had no driver (someone remind me to tell this one later).

This week I read a fantastic excerpt from the September Ensign by President Packer.  It was the story of two farmers who lived side by side and grew the same type of wheat.  One of the farmers decided not to work on Sundays to keep the Sabbath day holy.  The farmer who did worked on Sundays asked the other why he didn’t work and he told him that his crops wouldn’t turn out as well come October.  But the friend responded that he wished to receive the blessings of the Lord through keeping his commandments. Time passed and it came time to harvest.  One day the two farmers talked over the fence.  The farmer who worked on Sunday looked at his neighbor’s crops and asked, “where are the blessings that you were trying to receive.  There is no question that my crops are better looking and more abundant than yours.” The neighbor paused, thought for a minute and then responded smiling, “The Lord doesn't balance his books in October!” Wherever we are and no matter how little the blessings seem for following any of the Lord’s commandments, realize that the blessings may not come in October this year or even in this lifetime.  But the promises and the blessings of the Lord are always certain if not swift.  Do what’s right.  Be obedient. Reap the rewards when the Lord says the harvest is up.

Have a great week
Elder Neuberger

Editor's Note: Please note the addition of a new blog in the links in the right margin.  Elder Farmer is serving in Mongolia with his wife.  They arrived last month.  Coincidentally they are also from St. Louis.

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