Monday, October 31, 2011

Easily the best week ever!

Hey everybody!!!

Right before we left the MTC it was becoming difficult for me to think of things to write in my emails, but now that we have arrived in Mongolia there’s such an overload of information that I could write a book on my first four days here.  Here’s my best effort on a recap. 

We flew into Ulaan Baatar on Friday.  Because of the way we flew, we never experienced Thursday the 27th.  Everyone was at the airport to greet us, the President and his wife, the Assistants and such.
We immediately headed to Zicon Peak which is the highest point in UB where there is a fantastic view of the entire city.  We read the prayer that was offered to open Mongolia to missionary work and then we sang "High On A Mountain Top."  Amazing experience!! It feels like a year ago.

We all got our companions some time later and headed off to work.  My companion, Elder Jolley was and continues to be one of the Assistants to the President which is amazing because he finds time to have the most spiritual companionship studies with me and also run half the mission.

The first full day I was here was transfer day for missionaries already serving.  We woke up at 6:00 and picked up Elders from the train station.  We proceeded to drop off and pick up missionaries throughout the day.  It was awesome! I got to see so much of the city on my first day.  

It’s really hard to remember everything that happened especially because I don’t really understand what’s going on half the time lol.  Yesterday was Sunday and our new member who was baptized the day I arrived, was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Before the meeting started I was invited to pass the sacrament which was great, but not as fun as bearing my testimony about five minutes later.  The only reason I knew I was supposed to go up was because Mongolians struggle saying Neuberger.  So I proceeded to stumble through 3 minutes of extremely slow Mongolian.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I told everyone that through the atonement they can give up.  Great experience.  It didn’t matter though because afterwards it felt like everyone in the ward told me how great of a job I did.  Mongolians are way too complimentary.  I had a blast shaking everyone's hand and not understanding half of their questions.

Last night was a mission fireside for all the new and leaving missionaries.  Before the fireside all the finishing missionaries had a meal with the presidency and the AP's.  Because Elder Jolley is my companion and Elder Boyd is the other AP's companion, Elder Boyd and I went to a missionary apartment to make ourselves dinner while the two AP's attended that farewell dinner.  It was great.  I cooked some chicken; threw some pasta in and then mixed an onion soup mix in it.  It tasted amazing which was nothing short of a miracle. Afterward, Elder Boyd and I took 15 minutes to figure out how to get back out of the apartment.  We were pretty sure we would be locked in until someone came for us.

At the fireside we all bore our testimonies and chatted with all of the other missionaries. We ran from there to a lesson we had with a church member. We taught on blessing homes and then gave their baby a blessing.  I’ll tell you what, remembering Mongolian names is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I had my first herem which is milk, water and salt.  I’d explain it this way: If you made macaroni and cheese and left out the cheese and noodles that’s it.  I destroyed my tongue because it was crazy hot.  However, I’ll throw in a plug for Mongolian food: it’s fantastic!

Phewww!  That brings us to today.  We woke up and ran down to Sukbatar Square about a mile from our apartment and back.  Just picture two white elders running around in the dark with a bunch of people staring at them, that was us.  Running hasn’t caught on in Mongolia probably because the air quality is black lol. We studied and got some things done in the office and made our way to a member’s house where we made tacos of all things for lunch. They were really good though.  And I fielded a few questions and probably got laughed at more than once, couldn't tell you.

Did I mention how amazing my companion is.  I’m not sure what I did to be so blessed. I've learned so many incredible things already. Being a missionary is the opportunity of a lifetime.  To be able to dive into the scriptures for hours each day and to bring the joy of the gospel to real people is blessing to me daily.  I’m so grateful to be here! I love everything about being a missionary!

Have a great week!


Elder Neuberger

Lyrics to "High On A Mountain Top"
High on a mountain top
A banner is unfurled.
Ye nations, now look up;
It waves to all the world.
In Deseret's sweet, peaceful land,
On Zion's mount behold it stand!

For God remembers still
His promise made of old
That he on Zion's hill
Truth's standard would unfold!
Her light should there attract the gaze
Of all the world in latter days.

His house shall there be reared,
His glory to display,
And people shall be heard
In distant lands to say:
We'll now go up and serve the Lord,
Obey his truth, and learn his word.


  1. I'm so proud of you Elder Neuberger!! It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job at diving into the culture, keep it up! You really are lucky to have Elder Jolley as your companion, he is a great missionary and will teach you a lot. You will teach him a lot too! Keep working hard and keep loving those Mongolians! :)

    -Margetts Ax

  2. Easily the best week ever! do have a nice week mission there do you love there so nice there and love please take a lot of picture of them for me thanks i went to see them too