Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still Here

Hey Everybody,
Well...we're still here. The good news is that we all know that are visas are cleared and are making their way through the US Embassy.  Where in that processes they are? We have no idea.  Our days generally include multiple checks at the travel office where they tell us there is no news.  They still expect us to leave on the 24th but we won't get travel plans until they have the visas in hand.  We all wish we were sitting in the Beijing airport right now but another week of Mongolian study never hurt anyone.  39 Branch members left this week, which makes it us and a whole bunch of new Elders on Sundays.  We took a lot of pictures at the temple on Sunday with both sets of Malaysian groups that left yesterday.

A brief explanation of the English teaching that we will be doing in Mongolia.
We all are hired on by Mongolian companies because that's the only way that we're allowed into the country.  We are pretty much free English teachers for these companies.  We will probably teach 8-12 hours a week in any setting you can imagine. Some people will teach in small schools or large classes with a bunch of adults.  You can also teach in the police and fire stations.  Some people teach in the hospitals and the universities, or to business executives.  Seriously, we could be teaching any rung of the Mongolian social ladder.  They set you up with the classroom and some materials and you just go at it I suppose.  We really don't have that much information on how that works, since the system is already in place, someone knows and I'm sure it will all be clear when we get there.  It will definitely be a great learning experience and I'm sure ill pick up some great grammar jargon.  Watch out Kramers! You'd better stay sharp on you grammar!  From what we've heard we will be helping build and move yurts constantly.  Seriously cant wait.
There are two Mongolian Holidays that are apparently unreal.  In the summer Nadam goes on for three days where everyone eats as many bodz as they possibly can (so we've heard) and walks around to everyone's houses and chats it up.  In the winter there is a eight day holiday where the food is even better and you eat even more. lol   If you google it you'll probably know more than me.  
Even though we didn't leave this week we went to the infield training on Friday.  Basically 8:30am - 9:30pm straight workshops set up like youth conference.  Except all the teachers were recent RM's so it was amazing (not to say that the youth conference speakers aren't)  There were a lot of role playing activities and we learned a lot about how we actually do things in the field besides teach.  Because we've been learning to teach for the last 12 weeks.  
What else...
This morning we had an MTC wide fire drill which was nuts.  All 2700 of us had to go up to the field which is off campus and some how find and report to our zone leaders.  Absolute Chaos.
More fun news we added 2 new elders to our room.  They had to move in another set of bunks.  Its pretty interesting because there are only 4 desks and closets and six elders.  Its pretty much a constant traffic jam.  Elder Lloyd is freaking out, but I think the whole thing is hilarious.  They're renovating a bunch of the buildings here and there are 400 Brazilian elders here that can't get visas.  Its pretty sad.  When I ever feel down about our visa situation I realize that they have it much worse.  Most of them are here 9 weeks and then are instantly reassigned.  Apparently the Brazil MTC is empty right now.
This week's fireside was Julie B. Beck which is funny because I guess she was in St. Louis a few days later.  She shared some fantastic stories about growing up in a mission home in Brazil. and some advice on obedience.  She then shared a  story about two brothers who served in the same mission whose missions overlapped four days.  For that four days the mission president made them companions.  In that four days the older "companion" through several experiences taught his younger brother to love his companions, his president and the people. (which we've heard several times this week)  I couldn't help but think back to this summer where my older brother taught me the same three lessons in a few days in Brazil.  
Its been another great week. The spirit is so strong here and I can't wait to take some portion of it to Mongolia.  I love the gospel and I feel the spirit every time I teach it in Mongolian or English to investigators or members.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve the people of Mongolia and my Heavenly Father.
Love ya.
Elder Neuberger 

FYI  There have been several people ask about the blog this week.  Travis doesn't actually make the posts.  He sends us an e-mail and then we cut and paste the e-mail on to this blog that he created before he left.  We are late with the posting this week because we were busy getting some last minute items ready for him.  Hopefully next week there won't be a posting because he will be traveling.  There is a good chance the next  entry will be his first letter from Mongolia.

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  1. are you still here on your way in mission that make me so happy for you