Monday, November 7, 2011

Air Quality?

Another great week!

Answering a few questions:

1. Letters sent to me by the “pouch” take around 2 weeks.

2. When Elder Jolley has office work I try to help out the best I can and then I get some great study time in along with talking to everyone that works in the office.  It’s the best language study.

3. I have not started teaching English.  Everyone else is teaching 10 plus hours.  It’s great.  Elder Jolley only teaches 4 hours a week so we have more time to meet with investigators.  And it still seems like there is not enough time.  We have about ten investigators we are teaching and thirty more with whom we haven’t met, but that come to church every week.  It is amazing.  It’s all we can do to contact them all.  People come in all the time and want to know more about the church. So finding investigators is not a problem even though we can’t wear our nametags outside which is a bummer.

4. Our ward meets in the big church building on Tokyo Street.  The same building as the mission home and the mission office and basically everything mission related.  We have the biggest ward as I understand and we pack the house.

5. I haven’t purchased my “Mongolian” coat yet.  It’s really not that cold.  And I’m still wearing my everyday church shoes instead of the boots.

6. Elder Jolley is from Highland, UT.

7. Yes, we have prepared some insane meals in the apartment.  We usually eat just once a day so we go big when we go home.  We had pounds of French toast yesterday. Elder Jolley has all sorts of recipes and has amassed a large amount of spices.  A lot of fun!

This week we met with a sooo many amazing people.  We are teaching one family who read 200 pages of the Book of Mormon before we met with them for the first time. Another man was reading over Elder Jolley’s shoulder in the barber shop and became interested.  The faith of the people here is off the charts.  They are so receptive to the gospel message.

This Sunday we went 30 minutes outside the city to Nalak (no clue how to write that in English) Elder Jolley was translating for the President and we enjoyed Fast and Testimony meeting there. I just love shaking hands at this point.  Everyone is ridiculously friendly and complimentary of our Mongolian. I’ve been so lucky to meet so many people as companion to the AP.

This week we taught a few lessons with a member in our ger (yurt) district.  We taught with a returned missionary who had been companions with one of our MTC teachers. His name is Gathmandox.  Because we had heard so much about him it was like meeting a movie star.  We went to visit the same investigator the next night without the luxury of a member’s vehicle and I have never felt so dependent on anyone in my life. I’m not sure how Elder Jolley has any idea where we are going.  We got off the bus and walked for a while and then turned and then turned. It was pitch black, and he got us there with no backtracking.  Insane!  I was totally lost.  Then afterwards we forded a stream, climbed some dirt hills and we were back to the "main" road. Crazy!

Well....Mongolia is amazing and the people are even better and I’m loving every minute of it! The Church is true and my testimony grows every day.

I love you all!

Elder Neuberger


  1. Hello Neubergers! What a treat and blessing to have contact with you and knowing that our sons have the opportunity to serve together in Mongolia! I hope Elder Neuberger's "great detail" in his letters will rub off a little to Elder Jolley :) Thank you for your sweet comment. I am glad that his blog has been a help to you. I look forward to hearing more about how they both continue to teach and grow and love and serve. ~Teri & Jeff Jolley (

  2. As both of these elders' teacher, I absolutely love this companionship and reading both of their blogs is the highlight of my week! :) thank you so much for sharing!

    - Bro. Ryan Margetts

  3. Air Quality? what that means about and you are so funny today you are so great full of your life too