Monday, February 18, 2013

Way Too Many Buuz Later

Well i guess I'm two weeks behind because of the short email last week.  But let me hit the highlight reel .  .  .

Greeting the New Year
About a week and a half and a go I fell in a six foot hole .  .  . not lying.  We were walking down the road to the bus stop and I was talking to  some other missionaries in my district on the phone.  Because the lights from the oncoming cars were so bright I couldn't really see where I was walking, but being on the edge of the road you figure there shouldn't be any holes.  The moment before I fell I saw my companion stumble in front of me and the next thing I know I'm six feet down hanging from some wire.  Not sure how I grabbed the wire but it kept me from falling any further.  The first reaction was that my leg was broken and I would have to go home.  I took all the impact on my left knee and I could not feel it at all.  The second thought, I kid you not, was: "how awesome will this memory be!"  My companion and I limped out of there about 10 minutes later.  The worst part was that I was wearing my new suit.  The best part was that even though my knee was ripped open my pants weren't! 
Buddhist Totem for Tsagaan Sar
The rest of the week was spent making buuz for the elderly women in the ward who were super cute and reminded me of Nana and Grandma.  The sisters in our district ditched us twice, but my buuz skills were good enogh that my companion and I knocked out 500 on our own.  
And then came to the eating buuz part.  (Before I start, this week's letter is again going to be cut short cause the zone is going bowling today.) 
Celebrating Mongolian Style
Tsagaan sar was amazing.  We spent about 4 days visiting 15 families and eating over 120 buuz.  On the third day I'm sure we set some sort of seasonal record visting 8 houses.  I'm pretty sure that even Joey Chestnut would have had to tip his cap.  It may not sound that amazing, but keep in mind that it's Mongolian custom (almost law) to make at least one set of buuz for everyone who comes in your house.  

and out of time. 
Ill catch up on three weeks next week
estoi uuchlaarai
Elder Neuberger

Mongolian couple greeting the New Year
The MTC group (Elders Williams, Stranski, Quinton, Lloyd, Neuberger, Boyd, and Naef)

Ger district at dawn

Coal smoke from ger district

What's the deel?

Practicing for the Talent Show


Greeting the New Year

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