Sunday, February 10, 2013

If I had a dollar for every email written wearing a deel

Sar shiindee saihan shiinshlij baina uu?
Well if your not close to a lunar calendar it is in fact the first day of a new lunar year.  And although I'm sure there's probably nothing going on in the States besides last minute preparations for Valentine's Day, today is probably the biggest day of the year for the 3 million people living in Mongolian.  If you're having trouble remembering from last year Tsagaan Sar lasts three days plus a Tsagaan Sar eve like celebration called Bituun.  It's three days of visiting family and friends and eating ridiculous amounts of buuz, meat and potato salad.  Last year I was pretty much just a follower as we went about visiting with all the families and what not (not a clue what was going on) so it's been a lot of fun being a part of the preparation and planning this year.  By Friday night Sister Erdenesuvd and I were getting all the families and ward members organized and a schedule set up for the coming week.  Our plans for the week also include getting together with the elders from Unur and Khan-uul to go around to houses.  I'm also going over to my sponsors house at some point which should be a blast.  All in all we have about 25 houses to knock out in the next three days.  After I finish writing this email we're going straight out to start meeting with people.  We picked up three houses last night which was a blast and I'm at a 18 buuz running total.  With good day today we should be up in the high fifties by the time it's time to head home.  Because all of the internet places are closed down today we are all writing from the office while our Mongolian companions call their families (they don't call at Christmas).  Not much else to write. It's been a quiet week with a lot of practice for the upcoming missionary talent show.  Something with fans and it should be great.  Beyond that and on a more spiritual note our investigator Maralmaa past her baptismal interview and is set for next week as the holiday starts to wind down.  A great time for a baptism!
The biggest thing is going to be getting everybody back out of the holiday lag and back into missionary work this upcoming week, but I think we can do it.  That's about all the time there is for this week.
Have a great holiday!
Elder Neuberger

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