Monday, December 19, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello again!

What a wonderful time of the year to be a missionary!
So this week .  .  . (Editor's note: click on any of the photos to enlarge them)

With the Fords
After district meeting we went to the Fords' house (the senior couple who works in the office, wonderful people) for lunch where they served the most delicious enchiladas that I have ever tasted.  Seriously amazing!  Better were the spiritual thoughts shared after the meal.  Elder and Sister Ford will be leaving on the 1st of March and it will be a great loss to the mission.  Elder Ford pleaded with us never to forget the feelings we experience on a mission.  It's so easy to live another day and forget the moments that have strengthened our faith.  We need to continuously look back and see the hand of the Lord working in our lives.  He told us to remember that the adversary doesn't prey on the weak but on the strong in heart. Sister Ford shared a wonderful testimony and you could feel their love for missionary work and the country of Mongolia.
At English class
Later that night after hours of English teaching I realized that our English teaching is somewhat like tracting. There are many stories of missionaries who have spent the entire day tracting.  Turned away at countless doors, to find one person, at the end of the day to make the entire day worth it.  Many days we teach English (which I love, but not as  much as missionary work) and after many hours we have one appointment at the end of the day.  A beautiful lesson that makes all our efforts worth it.  We had such an opportunity on Tuesday night as we met with an investigator and shared the message of the restoration.

For staff meeting on Wednesday (this is where all the senior couples meet with the presidency) we began with a tutorial of car maintenance.  So we all trundle outside for the lesson.  This wouldn't have been that great except for the tutorial was done by Batbold.  The funniest Mongolian ever!  He's in the presidency and speaks OK English.  So all the senior couples are freezing and he's out there with no gloves on describing in vivid detail how to use the jack and change a tire and everything you could need to know.  Elder Jolley and I were laughing the entire time. Its hard to portray how funny the situation was.
Anyway, we finally met with the couple from Canada on Wednesday night.  I think I already told you some about them.  The sister is a less active member and her boyfriend has never had interest in religion.  She found the church one night and wanted to start coming again.  They are actually here teaching English which was a cool talking point along with the fact that we were speaking in English.  We started out trying to address their needs and figure out where they were spiritually.  Initially we figured we would teach the restoration.  However when we asked about his belief in God it led him to ask the question, "If there is a God, does he even have a plan?  What is the plan?" .  .  . Great question! We just might have an answer for that.  We immediately jumped into the plan of salvation and taught how we indeed lived with God before coming to this earth (Jeremiah 1:3).  How this life is a time to prepare to meet God and to have joy. And how we can, through the atonement of the Savior, return to live to our Father in Heaven again.  It was fun to share and discuss scriptures in English.  When I had the privilege to share my testimony at the end, the spirit confirmed once again to me what a magnificent plan this is. With blessings that can be seen in both this life and the next.

Making khooshoor with Nymsureh and Purev
Skipping to Friday
We met with our wonderful investigators, Nymsureh and Purev, who are going to be baptized this week.  I'm so excited for them and it has been amazing to see their faith in the gospel blossom over the last month.

We went to our new member Ganbold's house and continued to teach his son and wife who have commited to a January baptismal date.  His wife just had a baby boy.  We came and shared a message and had the oppurtunity to give a blessing to the baby who weighed just over 5 pounds.  And side note: they made some delicious food.

Quickly Sunday
Elders Jolley and Migmardorj went to Baganoor and Elder Boyd and I attended our ward here in Sansar.  I got to sit by three different investigators in all three of the meetings and afterward taught two lessons with Elder Boyd. 

Well, the time is far spent
Have a wonderful Christmas. I know I will here with the wonderful people of Mongolia.  I love it here! 
Be safe and have fun and never forget the real reason we celebrate this holiday and the greatest gift we can give this holiday season: The message that our Heavenly Father loves us.  I know he does.  Each one.
I love you too!

Elder Neuberger
Sunrise just outside of town
Statue at a traffic circle
The meat section of the Zak market

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  1. do you have the most Wounderful of the year in mission there so nice there so cold there tell me thanks you are so awesome parson ever had i have the spirit of you and love it and i love your testimony so strong for me