Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Because I Skyped with my family for Christmas, email time is a bit scarce.
It's been a wonderful Christmas here in Mongolia.  Yesterday we were part of Christmas programs for two different wards, our own and another.  Elder Jolley and I joined a six man choir for the program.  Later, after a fantastic meal of marinated steak we headed to the stake choir concert.  Amazing!!!  They sang Christmas songs for almost an hour including the hallelujah chorus and President Clark sang "Oh, Holy Night."  He was phenomenal!  This morning we got up at 6 to get everything ready for the "English Speaking Missionary Skype Fest." lol.  Its been a wonderful week.  See a few pics below.

Have a wonderful New Year!!!
Elder Neuberger

Editor's note:  The Skype call was fantastic.  Travis looked great and sounded better.  We got several lingering questions answered and got caught up on all that we could.  We even had a thirty second conversation with our second favorite missionary in Mongolia, Elder Jolley.

Children are bundled up in so many layers that they can barely walk.

President Clark singing at the Christmas choir concert

We went caroling in our ger district with all the missionaries from our district.

Here's a close up of the district out caroling.

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