Monday, May 27, 2013

Late Snow, It's All Good

We were really feeling a turn towards summer until it dropped 20 degrees and started snowing this afternoon.  It,s really coming down, massive flakes like a spring snow in Utah.  We taught English this morning and spent the rest of the afternoon trying desperately to make it back across the log jammed center of the city.  This is the last week of Elder Muldowney's English class so we are keeping our fingers crossed for a real Pday next week.  Tonight we have a quick appointment with the grocery store before heading up to the old District President's house (the nicest man in Mongolia).  His son served in the Salt Lake City South Mission and has unbelievable English.  Should all be fantastic if we can make it through this evening's snow storm It reminds me of a wonderful campout from back in the day.

Side note: apparently the 20th anniversary made it big in the Church News both the printed and online copy.  Yes, that is my face in the middle of the giant 20 formed by the fans. 

This week was crazy with two service projects, zone conference, and a cultural event that our zone did together the day before conference.  It was President Clark's last zone conference and the last for Elders Titensor and Woodward who each have less then a few weeks here in Mongolia.  The highlights included President's pep talk on getting a temple in Mongolia faster and of course the Stake President coming in and backing it all up with the why it was necessary to have a temple close.  The cultural event was great with some amazing horse head fiddle players. The service this week consisted of a day of shoveling dirt and a day of cleaning a house in the middle of nowhere, both were super fun.

One of the best parts of the week was the dinner we had last night at an RM's house whose family is part member.  She talked to us for 20 minutes about how really trying to become like Christ consists of knowing him and then knowing how to become like him.  Reading between the lines in the New Testament, and understanding in depth the reason for each of the commandments he gave.  This week I've also been finishing Jesus the Christ.  It's been really hard to put it down at the end of the night when 10:30 rolls around.  It's amazing how real the book makes the events of the Savior.  Not that the New Testament is vague, but there are times when you don't really feel you have the whole scope of what's going on in the stories, like your watching them all through a keyhole.  And when you read Jesus the Christ it's as if Elder Talmage has swung the door open and allows you to see more vividly what is going on around the Savior in each moment of his ministry.  The insights and testimony left in the book are witness to the divine aid that Elder Talmage received while writing its 700+ pages in the temple. 

My testimony has been strengthened that the Savior lived and does live, that his love was deep and abiding beyond our mortal realization and such that no one could find their way outside of it.  I love the Gospel. I know its true.

Have a wonderful week,
Elder Neuberger

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