Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Ali

It’s hard to believe Ali turns 16 this coming Wednesday!

I realized my gratitude this week for Mom’s constant use of the microwave as it has allowed me to wow companions on several occasions. If boiling water and warming things up in the microwave are magical, making an egg in the microwave this week was nothing short of a miracle to my companion.  “You can make an egg in less than a minute?!” Although afterwards we also had to review fire safety and microwave use after trying to heat up canned fish. lol However ,that’s better than Elder Lloyd’s companion who accidentally burned three rolls of toilet paper after forgetting to put out an incense stick. Good times!

 This week’s priesthood lessons (and let me say that our priesthood quorum is amazing) diverted to the Word of Wisdom. Far removed from drugs alcohol or tea the biggest point of concern for everyone was meat.  Mongolians are huge into meat.  If you suggest a meal without meat they'll say yeah that’s great,but when are we actually eating.  We spent 20 minutes discussing what is the appropriate amount of meat. Because Mongolian livestock only eat the purest wild grasses, it was decided that we are in fact allowed to eat just a bit more meat than usual here.  The brother who spends a lot of time in Italy and I were laughing the whole time. It was great.

Well the best part of the week was our investigator Badral passing his second baptismal interview.  After a small set back we had to postpone him two weeks ago and it was pretty hard for him.  He spent some time in the countryside over the last week and made some changes especially in the friend category.  One of the Unur Elders’ investigators is also getting baptized and the bishop has set up a special program with a couple of special musical numbers.  

This week we started teaching the younger sister of our two new members.  We showed up for the first lesson and the three of them were waiting and ready to go.  Before we could start Ankhbayar said: "well I’m going on a mission in two years so I need to start preparing, could I help teach the lessons?"
ahh, yeah
We ended up giving him and Jargalmaa our name tags and having them teach the first lessons with our help. You could not ask for better new members.  They're awesome and were all there on Saturday to clean the church with the youth group (the investigator was there as well).

I know its hard to believe, but this email is the result of two hours in the internet cafe...Elder Lloyd was here.  Sorry the letter is so short, but it’s been a hilarious two hours.

Have a wonderful week and stay warm!
Elder Neuberger

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