Monday, October 29, 2012

Songino deer baij l baina‏

  • Well believe it or not it is once again time for transfers.
    I'll be sending my third straight Mongolian companion to the countryside as Elder Osorjamaa heads out to the Zuunkharaa this weekend.  This has without a doubt been the fastest 12 weeks of my mission, just an absolute blur.  It's going to be really hard to leave Elder Osorjama,a but he has became an outstanding missionary and I can't wait to see what he does in the rest of his mission.  I went to Zuunkharaa once with Elder Jolley way back in the day and my compaion has never been there, so he keeps asking me questions about it like I lived there.  I told him there was no electricity as a jok,e but it didn't even phase him.  He figured the countryside was kinda of like that.  
    The most interesting thing is that in his place is .  .  . well no body at the moment.  Hopefully that gets all worked out by Saturday.  'Im supposed to be with a mini-missionary (pause to explain that- In Mongolia non-missionary youth have this amazing oppurtunity to serve for transfer cyles as mini missionaries.  It would be like if one of the missionary's from our ward companion left and he was suddenly paired up with Daniel Larson or Sam Lindmark.)  It should be interesting.  They haven't really found one yet, so I may be pairing up with Elder Williams by the end of the week.  My district has also expanded to include Khovd and Murun (two countryside branches) although I don't think I'll be going on splits with the Elders from either area.  It should make teaching district meeting intersting too, skype-aar baij magadgui.  
    In any case Elder Osorjamaa and I will be going out with a bang with 3 baptisms on Friday.  We are extremly excited and the ward showed so much support on Sunday with everyone saying that they'll be there to support it.  In other ward buisness we had a sister get back from the States just this summer and something must have rubbed off on her because she started and filled a "feed the missionaries" calendar!  I don't even know what to do. It's amazing!  Athough its going to be tough to ever teach lessons if we're eating at a membe'rs house everynight.  Its one of those good/bad problems.
    Unfortunatley I've got to cut it short this week becasue Elder Osorjamaas has a meeting in 2 minutes.
    Have a great one
    Elder Neuberger

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