Monday, September 17, 2012

Mission Conference Recharge

Greeting Elder Wilson
Well if you've never been a part of a mission conference I can assure you it’s probably one of the most motivating, re-energizing events anywhere.  Just bringing together all the missionaries from all over the country for a few days would be enough, but then combine that with almost 20 hours of fantastically prepared talks, ideas, discussions, practices, a member of the seventy in attendance, along with several stake leaders from here in town and the greatest mission president ever and you've got mission conference.
The highlights included a fantastic talk on study techniques by the stake president, the allegory of the Ger given by President Clark and  a personal interview with Elder Wilson after the conference which was of course a wonderful opportunity.

After Conference this week we got hit hard by English teaching where I taught an hour and a half discourse on the history of America to my sponsor.  I guess I owe some thanks to some great elementary school teachers and Mr. Reaganbogen from Parkway North.  I also took a minute to shoot the breeze with some of my classes and realized that as much as English instruction wouldn't be my first choice of how to spend my time, Jonon is definitely my first choice for where to teach.  Between Mission conference and Jonon the week flew by.  Feels like I was sitting here yesterday writing email.  We got in a few lessons right at the end of the week and although we have so many leads and our investigator boards are full, getting people moving in the gospel stream has presented itself as a challenge as of late.  Anyway this week’s letter will be primarily insights and ideas from conference and the ensuing personal and companionship studies.

From Elder Wilson-
Its impossible for anyone to go through a mission or life for that matter without experiencing highs and lows.  It’s simply a truism that some things we face will bring us happiness and others sorrow.  The strategy is not to make the only the “highs” higher because that just increases the depths of the lows.  We must strive to also raise the entire “graph” by making the highs and the lows higher.

From President Clark-
In John chapter six Jesus feeds the five thousand with what little food was present.  At first it was noted that after the miracle some wished to follow Jesus in order to be feed physically.  Those in this category soon fell away and no longer tarried with him.
Secondly, we may also find ourselves in similar positions where we feel we need to feed five thousand (be it a church calling or something else).  As we give of ourselves we find that after we have given all that we have, we like those in the story end up with more loaves and fishes (blessings) then we even started out with!  While those who serve only for themselves find themselves empty handed at the end of the day.  I’ve seen this the case in Mongolia as some will indeed join the church as some sort of welfare society.  They never seem to stay long.  Yet those who understand the law of the gospel and give of themselves freely (even when there isn’t much to give) receive in abundance both spiritually and physically.  Be a bucket filler not a taker.

Finally reading in the D&C this week in the sixth section:
36 Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.

As missionaries we tend to keep our thoughts centered on Christ and the gospel more than we did before or probably after we serve.  Out of necessity of life there are other things that must fill our thoughts at other times of the day.  The take home message is whether we can "Look unto God" in every thought that crosses our mind.  Is there anything that would cause us to lower our head for an instant if we were in his presence? Through keeping our thoughts clean we can look unto God and live.

I was struck this week at the end of Conference when Elder Wilson took a moment to almost individually thank everyone that had a hand in the conference.  And I recognized the love that can be conveyed and the joy that can be felt by the recipients of the thank you.
Though I can’t name you individually I am extremely grateful to all of you supporting me here in Mongolia where ever you are in the world.  Your thoughtful notes, emails, and letters are always filled with happiness and enthusiasm.

Love you all
Elder Neuberger

If you look closely, you can find Elder Neuberger in both of these photos.

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