Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Fast Week

Another week full of small blessings and wonderful opportunities!

On Tuesday, right after district meeting, we went to a local hospital with the sisters to administer a priesthood blessing to a church member from the ward.  She had been having heart problems for the past while and entered the hospital on Monday.  I have to confess the quality of the hospital broke my heart a bit as we walked past a few overcrowded rooms.  Because Elder Naranbat is somewhat new to the area and since I knew the member somewhat well, I was asked to give the blessing.  At first a bit nervous, I did my best, not sure of how much of it was making complete sense.  The “third personness” of blessing giving was throwing me off a bit.  But as I finished there was an overwhelming feeling of peace from knowing that if nothing else I had used the power of the priesthood righteously and to the best of my ability.

High on a mountain top
Later that afternoon we had barely enough money to make it up to a house and back by bus.  In our haste we got on the wrong bus which took us past where we wanted to be.  Because we had no money we had to climb over a couple of mountains just to get back to our area.  As we came down the back side of the last mountain someone started calling Elder Naranbat’s name.  As we got closer he recognized the family as a family from his home ward in the countryside.  It turned out that they had moved in to the city, but hadn’t made it to church since they had been here.  We met with them and pleaded with them to come to church and they more than happily obliged.  The week continued in just this way.  We would have no luck contacting or finding addresses and then while we were trying, we would meet with a non progressing investigator who would start progressing again. We would get stood up for an appointment and then find a less active member who was trying to find their way back to church activity.

One new member we met with this week has already read the Book of Mormon three times in his first year as a member of the church.  When we related that President Hinckley had said, "I’ve read the Book of Mormon three hundred times and I’m still gaining understanding," the new member responded, “Well I guess I’ll have to read it 301 times,” and smiled.

Later this week when we gave a Book of Mormon to a new investigator, he asked us to please write our names and a little message in the front.  I felt bad that we hadn’t  done it before.  He said he wanted to remember who gave him the most valuable gift that he'd ever received.

The sisters had a baptism this week of a person who was actually taught by Elder Quinton and Elder Reeves before the last transfer.  Since it had been those two that had taught most of the lessons, Elder Quinton came back to perform the baptism which was a cool moment.  Also ,the President came and presided at the baptism which is always a blessing.

Planting potatoes
On Saturday we went on splits with the zone leaders.  I went with Elder Sugar (He’s Mongolian, but it doesn’t  sound like sugar when you say it in Mongolian) and my companion went with Elder Wilson.  Elder Sugar and I had  a day of service.  We got to the Bayanzurkh building at 9:30 to head to Customs with the Richardsons and some other missionaries.   There we unloaded 280 wheelchairs from a railcar.  Luckily there are no enforced traffic laws in Mongolia so we were able to stack them 25 feet high in the back of some trucks.  We took the wheelchairs to several rehab centers around the city unloading and storing them for each center. By the time that was over the sisters called us and told us to hurry up to our next service appointment.  You guessed it  .  .  .  planting potatoes.  It’s that time of the year.  We ended the day by building a sweet greenhouse in a member’s yard.

And of course it wouldn’t be a week in Mongolia if  we didn’t get a little horse liver and intestine at a member’s house.  I’m not sure what the plaque was in the intestines but no worries I was reassured that it’s good for your health along with the marrow in sheep bones.  Someone check webMD for me. lol

That’s all for this week cause I’m gonna try to send some pictures.

You guys are the best!
 Elder Neuberger

Preparing a ger site

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