Monday, March 12, 2012

Better Yet

Last week’s P-day did not include basketball in the morning which left the day wide open. We ended up getting in some basketball outside the central church building in the parking lot. It was probably ten degrees below zero at that point.  No one had basketball stuff because the game was impromptu.  Fortunately,  I had shorts on under my slacks, so I was able to rock Adidas b-ball shorts with a white shirt and tie combo along with the dress shoes and long socks.  Elder Stranski took some great pics that I’ll send along  .  .  .  someday.

So I spoke too soon on how awesome the sister missionaries were. They got moved around this week and out of our area leaving us (Elder B and me) and another American companionship. We have been left with the monumental task of taking on their area book plus ours which has been a blast.  We have been all over our area (which might be the biggest in the city) tracking down investigators and new members. Between those people and the new investigators we’ve picked up, we now have 7 people with baptismal dates set and we plan to up the number this week.

All of the Elders from areas outside of UB are in town for mission conference tomorrow and Wednesday.  We saw all of them this morning at basketball which was so wonderful.  A lot of them were trainers of the other Americans.  Such great elders!  The next two days should be fantastic with Elder Grow from the Seventy.  Plus he knocked out an English teaching day. Up top, Elder Grow!

This week was Mother’s day in Mongolia. I cant tell you how much I appreciate my Mom and all the amazing things she has done for me!  bayriin mend khorgii

One of our new investigators from this week  is the next door neighbor of a member, which makes visits with a member present a breeze. She is the calmest down to earth person I’ve ever met. She listens amar intently and then asks the most thoughtful questions. Its been a joy to meet with her and teach her about the restoration and just religion in general.  Biciglan maybe I’m not sure how to spell it in this alphabet.

Dorjsheeder another investigator of ours has listened  to a few of the lessons with tangible skepticism. He'd often laugh at times that he would feel uncomfortable in the lessons. This week we passed him on the street and invited him into the church for a church tour. Again skeptical he came. Mid way through the lessons he told us about some of the health problems he has been dealing with. My companion immediately offered a priesthood blessing and the brother accepted.  As the blessing concluded his giddy skepticism had turned to calm understanding.  We'll be keeping up with him this week.
Back to English classes this week, which as much as I joke I really do enjoy (just no as much as missionary work). The classes are fun and all the kids are my age which makes it fun to just talk to them. On Thursday we had district leader splits and I was with Elder Woodward all day. We taught a combined 7 hours of English. Not sure why I added that, put it on the stat sheet.
This weekend was District conference so we had three sessions of that on Saturday and Sunday.  Its amazing to see how young the church really is in Mongolia (next year in April it will be the  20 year there). Most of the sessions of conference  were on how to successfully organize quorums and hold meetings such as BYC and leadership meetings. Sunday included some wonderful talks about not taking offense. Each member was given a copy of Elder Bednar’s talk  "And None Shall Offend Them."  Great talk!  Sister Clark talked about the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee? The Dead Sea is dead because it hoards the water it takes in from the same source (the Jordan) as Galilee.  If we worry about only ourselves it’s easy to become discouraged and caught up in the “thick of thin things.”  When we give service and genuinely love others we bless not only those we serve, but ourselves in the process!

I read through the commandments and lessons 5 several times this week in Preach My Gospel in preparation for Elder Grow. If you have a copy read it and count the number of blessings the Lord promises to those who keeps the commandments.  It’s phenomenal!

Finally. Wow what a great week!  There have been so many moments this week that I have been filled with the happiness of the mission.  If you think that missionaries are always happy you’re crazy. If you think we're never discouraged you’re out of your mind.  But you could pile up a thousand bad days and given one good day it would all be worth it. The happiness that comes from serving the Lord full time or otherwise is incomparable.  It’s a kind of happiness that fills you up!  It takes every worthless care and casts it aside.  I bear testimony of the truth of this gospel and all that it teaches.  Have a wonderful week!

Elder Neuberger
PS Tell Nana that I got her recipes.

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