Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Ali

(Last week's letter was found, so there are two separate postings.  See the entry below as well.)

Hello again!
and happy birthday to Ali!

If I tried to fill you in on the entire week it would take more than a week to tell you.  And I have 30 minutes...
Everything until Saturday consisted of: a lot of splits with other Elders to teach English, a lot of work on transportation, quite a few late night and early morning runs to the airport and the bus stop to pick up and drop off Elders and a lot of good times with Elder Jolley

On Saturday (transfer day) we picked an Elder up from the airport at around 5:00 in the morning and then made it back to the church before everyone else arrived.  It got pretty crazy at that point when everyone from the mission showed up to switch companions and make their way to their new areas.  My new companion came and before I knew it we were in a  taxi on our way to our new area, Khilist, or however you spell that in the Roman alphabet.  We got to the apartment and started looking through the area book and on the white boards to see who to meet with.  We're both new to the area so it was a bit harder than usual.  We immediately decided it would be a good idea to go on splits with the other companionship in the area.  From about twelve to 6:00 I was with Elder Nymbayar.  We met with three investigators and I basically taught all three of the lessons.  Not because Elder Nymbayar was lazy, but he just told me teach about this, and I went.  I'm not sure they were the most instructive lessons, but it was a wonderful learning opportunity.  Aside from that the area is just amazingly cool.  Sansar where I just served is in the main city, where as Khilist is straight north of the city in the mountain canyons with only gers .  .  .  awesome!!!   The only way I can describe it is like "Doc's Run" at Canyons ski resort.  You can see the entire valley below and canyons and mountains to each side all covered with gers.  We spent the day climbing straight up mountains and down the other sides.  We finally met back up at a member's house where we did some service carrying coal in bags from the bottom of a hill to the top where her ger is.  The best part was that the hill was straight ice so we fell repeatedly in the attempt.  This family literally has the greatest view from their front door that I have ever seen.  You can see everything.  She fed us and we shared some scriptures before we left.

On Saturday we woke up and had some wonderful personal and companionship study.  The study becomes a little tougher with a native, but it makes it all the more fun to overcome the language barrier.  Elder Bayartsogt is amazingly patient and humble.  He is open to any kind of ideas on how to make our study and planning more efficient.  He shares my eagerness to be obedient with exactness.  Church was great!  There are a lot fewer members than in Sansar, but we shook hands with everyone in the building .  .  . twice.  Elder Bayartsogt's smile never left his face.  We met with our bishop and our ward mission leader trying to get prepped for a packed week of lessons.  There's not much else to report on the work.  Today we're playing basketball and my companion has  his patriarchal blessing interview.  Then we're teaching a family home evening and an ALA.  Should be a great start to the work!
Times up!
See you next week,

Elder Neuberger

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  1. i went to say happy birthday to you and i love when you very cute baby with your mom and i am so happy for you and when ever you do love it you are incedible to me that your self is on your way and you are be prod of your self and thank i am write you on this page and i went to say i miss you a lot of your friends too and i am so happy are in mission call your parents and your sister's and brother's and me we are so proud of you we all miss you so much in Young Woman's they say hi and they are miss you and they are prey of you and me and young woman's too we love so much you are so awesome parson ever had you are so great parson ever had you are so so great full in your life too