Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nooooo! Phew, that was close!

So I wrote a great letter and then it all got deleted at the end.  This is horrible!  Ill try to write something later.  I'm really sorry!
Know I love you,
Elder Neuberger

So earlier I typed my email and right at the end the entire thing erased itself.  That was rough.  Fortunately, Elder Boyd and I are on splits while the others are at choir so I can write my letter.  Sorry if this email becomes really scattered. I promise the other one was way better.  

This morning I met an Elder Newmann who apparently was one of the five swimmers who swam with Kyle every morning last year and went to nationals  in Mesa, AZ.  I met him while doing laundry at 5:30 (great time of the day).  He's in my branch actually.

Alright, so in order to better understand future letters let’s see if I can paint a visual of the people I spend the entire day everyday with .  .  .

Elder Call is my companion.  He studied electrical engineering at Utah State this past year and loves to program computers.  Apparently he spent 16 hours a day working on his website the entire summer before he entered the MTC.  He’s from Springville and we're pretty sure he could send a paper airplane to his house from here.  He loves to sing out loud a lot and has forced me to feel a lot less awkward about anything.  Unfortunately,  he hates sports, but we're trying to turn that around.

Elder Lloyd and Elder Quinton are companions
Elder Lloyd spent last year at the U of U.  He's from Draper and loves to talk to people.  If we're not walking places at a brisk pace we'll lose him to conversation.  He also loves pop culture especially Seinfeld.  Basically exactly like an Uncle Scott (this reference did nothing for most of you)
Elder Quinton is from Las Vegas and is studying Civil Engineering at the University of Washington.  He's a big basketball fan and a fan of the Rams.  Unfortunately,  he's a big Kobe fan but that alright.  He and I are probably the biggest advocates of gym time.  We talk tactics before and after gym soccer every day. 

Elder Williams is companions with Elder Stranski.  Williams is 6'3'' or so, redhair and the nicest guy ever.  A little shy, but that’s fading fast.  He basically could be Hyrum Shumway’s twin (another reference that does nothing for most of you)
Elder Stranski is a  stud.  He keeps us focused and on track.  He studied two years at Utah State and is from Morestown, NY.  He could probably take anyone in the district in just about anything in that he played football and baseball in high school.  For all other personality traits see Andrew Larson. seriously...same person.  It’s awesome!

Elder Naef and Elder Boyd round out the district.
Elder Naef is from the Portland, Oregon area and studied at BYUI before the mission.  He wants to be a nurse or PA.  He played lacrosse in high school, so naturally he has no coordination.  It’s amazing that he hasn’t hurt himself or anyone else during gym time yet. Reckless abandon.  Loves talking about Oregon (everything somehow relates) and he’s extremely animated.  Fun to be around.
And best for last (shhh don’t tell anyone I said that) Elder Boyd.  He was at BYU with me last year so we knew each other (Facebook friends).  He’s from the Denver area and studied PD Bio/ premed.  We study vocab together whenever we can and are always the first ones ready in the morning.  He loves to play all things sports so that’s a win.  Easily the best one at the language so far and he just got a great haircut. 

Elder Holland was here on Tuesday.  After the first 15 minutes of his talk, Elder Boyd and I each had two pages of notes which is more than we usually have for a whole talk.  At this point he said, "Well I guess I should probably start now."  That pretty much sums up how awesome the entire experience was.  Something about being at the MTC allows apostles, and especially Elder Holland, to speak with a little more boldness.  He said "For all intents and purposes all meaningful missionary work will be done in this dispensation.  Frankly, all missionary work done before was done in small geographical locations to not very many people."  He said so many things that were so amazing I’d write it all if I had time.  He answered questions from missionaries at the MTC.  One was "what is the most important thing Christ wants us to know right now?"  He said, "That he told the truth. That everything is true.  That you can trust in the Lord.

Sorry this was short. I’m glad I got it in at all.
See ya next week.

Elder Neuberger

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  1. N00000 phew. that was close! what is name tell me about it thanks we love the church too and in the church friends and family there miss you so much and me i cry because i love the spirit of yours too