Tuesday, August 23, 2011

20 Days and 1000 Flashcards

Hey everyone!
сайн байна уу?

I cant believe its already Tuesday again. All the days here at the MTC mesh together, so it's hard to say what I've been up to on any given day. If you've written me a letter so far I wrote today and the responses should be on there way. I love hearing whats going on in all of your lives.

More of the same this week as we continued to work on the language. My vocabulary is getting larger each day, flashcard by flashcard. The grammar makes more sense and Elder Call and I are able to teach our investigators with almost no materials, albeit our sentences are really simple and we speak really slow. Piecing sentences together with the seven cases and crazy sentence structure is really exciting when you work them out.

The missionaries in the District in front of us got there visas last Wednesday and have been in Mongolia for almost a week now. We all go an email from them and they are excited and ready to get to work.
We were able to teach a native speaker this week which was really hard. She spoke super fast. We mostly just smiled and nodded and hope that she wouldn't ask any questions. It scares me sometimes that we only have two months left to become proficient enough to somehow survive in Mongolia. Oh well.

One of our teachers proposed to his girlfriend this week and she said yes. Right on Brother Stevenson! This enabled us to sidetrack enough to ask a lot of culture questions. Weirdest thing he ever ate: liver straight out a sheep, still bleeding (John Olson's favorite). There were so many things that reminded me of Brazil like the English words used on restaurants to make them look "chic." He told us that he only ever had 15 appointments for meals his entire mission but that anyone you teach will automatically feed you. Apparently there are no rules of the road and the few places where there are many vehicles have traffic like you wouldn't believe. what else.....They kill all their sheep by making an incision down the stomach, reaching in and snapping there aorta with there fingers. Apparently it's very peaceful. Any part of the sheep is fair game for food, so watch out! The members and the missionaries are extremely close and most of the time youth and young adults will join us for Pday activities.

Congrats to Ali, on making varsity for cross country!

Scott Holmes left the MTC this week. It was fun seeing him around all the time, but he's needed in Mexico and will be a great missionary. Also he gave me a bunch of candy that he had amassed so that was awesome!
Sister Manwill (they used to be in our ward) is in my branch and is headed to Portland Oregon in three weeks. More people that I knew from school arrived, but I'm not sure Tanner Olsen is here yet.

Choir is awesome. There are about five hundred of us and it sounds great despite the fact that I"m a terrible singer. The directors are outstanding and always bear their testimonies at some point during rehearsal. This week"s song references Mark 4 in the lyrics when the apostles are sailing and a storm arises. The bible literally says that the boat was "full" when finally Peter cried out "carest thou not that we perish!" Was the Savior really asleep? Either way sometimes the Lord allows us to see his hand in all things before he interjects just as he suffered that Lehi"s family not cook there food so that He could make it sweet. Furthermore, to Peter"s question, Was there anyone, anywhere who cared more at that moment then the Savior? who in a week would suffer for the sins of mankind and then seal his sacrifice with his death on the cross? He loves us all. He knows us all and he gave his life because he cares that none of us perish.

At the MTC we talk a lot about sticking to the fundamentals of the Gospel. Keep it simple, remember the basics. One of the special things about learning another language is that in the beginning these are the only things that you can share. It gives me a better understanding and testimony of what the essentials are.
Thought of the week from Brother Margetts, "Don't teach to be understood, rather teach so that you cannot be misunderstood"

би та нарт хайртай- I love you all
бурхан та нарт хайртай
Have a great week!
Elder Neuberger

PS Our District dominates in Gym time soccer
current stats: Quinton and Neuberger combined stats 7 goals 5 assists

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  1. 20 days and 1000 flash cards i did flash cards with my teacher and love the flash cords too adn my mom help me too